Interactive vocabulary exercise from “Jumong” Part 8

Cloze test
with time limit and automatic scoring

Fill in all the gaps and then press the "Check" button at the bottom of the page to check your answers. If the time limit has expired, reload/refresh this page to start all over again, or proceed to the next exercise. (Best viewed on Firefox or Chrome)
   abdicates      advises      alarmed      apprentice      assassins      blinded      border      conquer      coronation      destitute      educated      enormous      expanding      flaunting      governor      grown up      immediately      objections      proof      Rebuffed      revive      smuggler      thugs      trainee      willing   
Episodes 74-76

Fifteen years later ...

So Seo No’s sons are now , with Piryu the Crown Prince to prove himself to the ministers and Onjo an eager to Mopalmo. They have both grown up knowing only Jumong as their father.

Koguryeo continues its territories with its victory against Haengin. The ministers now urge Jumong to North Okjeoh.

In a village near North Okjeo, Yesoya has been living a life, trying to raise Yuri as an young man. But, wanting to earn money, Yuri and his friends work as for a North Okjeo .

Master Hwang is now of Liaodong; to help him against Jumong and Koguryeo, Young Po goes back to Buyeo, his wealth. by Daeso, Young Po goes to North Okjeo and hires thugs to carry out his plan to drive Buyeo to an alliance with the Han Empire.

Jumong sends Oi to North Okjeo to find out what really happened to the Koguryeo trade troop led by Prince Piryu. While there, Oi sees Yesoya on the street.

When Emperor Kumwa in Daeso’s favor, Jumong decides to attend the , despite from Koguryeo’s ministers.

As part of the coronation festivities, a martial arts contest is announced. Prince Piryu joins the contest and so does Yuri.

Yesoya tells Yuri that he can meet his father if he can find the inside Buyeo’s palace.

When Emperor Kumwa Daeso not to be by his hate against Jumong, Liaodong Governor Hwang becomes with the possibility of a Koguryeo-Buyeo alliance against the Han Empire. But Young Po assures Governor Hwang that he will take care of Jumong once and for all.

Jumong finds out that Yesoya and Yuri are still alive.

Koguryeo’s ministers and So Seo No begin thinking that Buyeo might its alliance with the Han Empire. They urge Jumong to attack Buyeo. But Jumong wants to form an alliance between Koguryeo and Buyeo against the Han Empire.

After Yuri wins the contest against Prince Piryu, Daeso appoints him as a with the palace guards.

While visiting Mount Chungmoo (where he trained with Haemosu), Jumong and his men are attacked by Young Po’s .