Interactive vocabulary exercise from “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds”
aka “Love in the Moonlight” Ep. 6

Cloze test
with time limit and automatic scoring

Fill in all the gaps and then press the "Check" button at the bottom of the page to check your answers. If the time limit has expired, reload/refresh this page to start all over again, or proceed to the next exercise. (Best viewed on Firefox or Chrome)
   afflicts      agitate      agitated      arranging      behalf      business      capital      caught up      chasing      confined      decoy      dethroned      disgust      envoy      expose      favor      forgive      frantic      hurriedly      indifferent      inside      insomnia      mask      misdeeds      oppressive      orphan      orphans      pilferage      pleads      quarters      range      recognize      reorganize      reveal      riots      sacrifice      shining armor      sleazy      threatens      verbally   
Episode 6: “When You Want To Tell Me Your Secret”

While Yi Yeong and Yoon-sung are sparring over Ra On, two gisaengs arrive. They Yoon-sung and invite him to a good time. (One of the gisaengs also recognizes Ra On from Yoon-sung’s drawings.) Yi Yeong walks away from them in .

While Ra On and Yoon-sung are walking together, they get in the middle of soldiers after a masked man who had just robbed a nobleman’s house. The falls off the man’s face, and Ra On picks up the mask.

Ra On begins thinking that the masked man is none other than Byung-yeon. (He has stolen some documents from a wealthy and nobleman. His master later tells him to look for the children left as because of the riots that happened 10 years ago.)

The Prime Minister recognizes the mask, and the other ministers say that the Hong Gyae Nae rebels are starting to .

Yi Yeong becomes cold and towards Ra On. At the archery , he meets Jo Ha-yeon — the daughter of the new Minister of Culture and Education and a former playmate of the Princess. The woman that Yi Yeong met at the lantern festival turns out to be Jo Ha-yeon.

Yi Yeong begins to suffer from , and the Royal Physician says that he’s sick with a disease that widows and nuns.

Eunuch Ma wants to gain the of the Qing . He knows that the envoy wants to see again the dancer from the King’s birthday celebration. And so, he brings Ra On at night to the envoy’s .

Eunuch Ma forces Ra On into the Qing envoy’s room. Just when the envoy begins to get with a Ra On, Yi Yeong arrives, the envoy with a sword, and takes Ra On with him.

Yi Yeong’s actions against the envoy the King and the whole government. Ra On is ordered arrested. Yi Yeong on her behalf, but the King orders him to the East Palace.

In jail, Ra On learns from her eunuch-friends that Yi Yeong might possibly be as Crown Prince.

With Byung-yeong acting as , Yi Yeong escapes from the East Palace and visits Ra On in jail. He tells Ra On not to herself for anyone, not even for him.

Yoon-sung finds out that it was Eunuch Ma who brought Ra On to the envoy’s quarters. He threatens Eunuch Ma with a gun, firing it near his head. He warns Eunuch Ma, saying, “If you ever Ra On’s secret, I will kill you!”

The envoy later says that he will Yi Yeong only if he can take Ra On with him to the Qing . When Yoon-sung finds out about it, he sees Byung-yeon and asks for his help.

The King’s eunuch visits Ra On on the day the envoy is supposed to leave. The eunuch becomes when Ra On tells him that she’s 18 years old and an from the peasant that happened 10 years ago.

Acting on Yoon-sung’s information, Byung-yeon proposes a plan to Yi Yeong that will the envoy’s of the tributes and save Ra On in the process.

The plan works out successfully with Yi Yeong and Byung-yeon attacking the envoy, his men, and the envoy’s partners, and with the Qing Inspector (brought by Yoon-sung) witnessing for himself the envoy’s .

In Ra On’s eyes, Yi Yeong is her knight in ; she doesn’t know what Yoon-sung has done on her . (As they were planning things, Yoon-sung says to Byung-yeon, “I will be fine as long as Ra On is safe.”)

Unknown to Yoon-sung, his grandfather is already his marriage to Jo Ha-yeon.