Interactive vocabulary exercise from “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds”
aka “Love in the Moonlight” Ep. 11

Cloze test
with time limit and automatic scoring

Fill in all the gaps and then press the "Check" button at the bottom of the page to check your answers. If the time limit has expired, reload/refresh this page to start all over again, or proceed to the next exercise. (Best viewed on Firefox or Chrome)
   attempted      back out      bittersweet      challenges      confirm      contradict      counseled      create      debt      discern      ease      eligible      flattery      gender      hope      informs      insists      opposition      overseeing      owes      poison      powerful      powerless      presumes      previously      promises      reign      repay      rush      stalking      status      sternly      surprise      undress   
Episode 11: “A Promise”

Eunuch Han, the King’s Eunuch tells Yi Yeong he met Ra On years ago and Ra On’s mother a huge . He also says that he knows why Ra On cannot be a eunuch.

Later, Eunuch Han meets Byung-yeon and tells him that the three kings he has served all became during their .

Despite the stiff from the ministers, Yi Yeong orders the young girl released from prison. But later on, the girl and her father are arrested when is found in the King’s food.

Yi Yeong remembers what his mother said years ago: “Protect every single person for they are all your people.” He then asks for help from some people in investigating the poisoning in order to help the young girl and her father.

The Prime Minister tells the King that he has prepared the list of women and that the King should Yi Yeong’s marriage. He also tells the King that he can help his burden by the selection of the bride.

The King urges Yi Yeong to marry Ha-yeon, Minister Jo’s daughter. But the Prime Minister meets with Minister Jo and that the arranged marriage between Yoon-sung and Ha-yeon will push through.

Meanwhile, young master Jung starts Princess Myeongeun (Yi Yeong’s sister).

The poisoning of the King causes another search of the Palace, and Eunuch Sung (the Head Eunuch) finds woman’s clothes in Ra On’s quarters. He brings the clothes to the Queen, who orders that Ra On be brought to her. Despite Eunuch Sung’s fears about what Yi Yeong might do, the Queen orders Ra On to .

When Eunuch Jang Yi Yeong about Ra On and the Queen, Yi Yeong leaves Ha-yeon and rushes to the Queen’s quarters. But to everyone’s , he orders Ra On to undress.

Yi Yeong tells the King’s Eunuch that he can his debt to Ra On’s mother by keeping Ra On’s true a secret. Later, the eunuch tells Ra On that he will call for her.

Byung-yeon asks the King’s Eunuch what can hope for Joseon’s people. The eunuch says that the riots that happened ten years ago cannot create .

When the Queen on having Ra On undress, Yi Yeong her by ordering Ra On to do so. Just then, the King’s Eunuch arrives and warns the Queen: “What will the King say if you, the nation’s mother, while pregnant, looks at a man’s naked body?” He also puts Eunuch Sung on the spot by saying that Eunuch Sung himself has examined Ra On.

Yi Yeong tells the King that he will only marry the person he loves. When Ra On tells him that he should marry someone from a family, he walks out on her.

The Prime Minister, meanwhile, warns Minister Jo not to of the arranged marriage between Yoon-sung and Ha-yeon.

Yi Yeong remembers the lesson he learned from his mother: “Do not judge by , take care of the people, listen to your servants, and between and counsel.” He then investigates the attempted poisoning, first with Ra On’s eunuch-friend and later, with Teacher Dasan. They both to Yi Yeong that the substance found in the King’s food isn’t poison; the Royal Physicians were just too afraid to the Prime Minister.

The young girl and her father are released from prison, and the girl gets her wish of seeing the King.

Teacher Dasan turns out to be Ra On’s grandfather, and they have a reunion at the Palace.

Yi Yeong has asked Teacher Dasan how Ra On can stay with him in the Palace as a woman. While Teacher Dasan has him, he also tells Yi Yeong, “Ra On needs someone else, not you.”

After talking with Teacher Dasan, Yi Yeong Ra On that if she waits, he will for her a Joseon where everyone will be happy. He then tells Ra On that he has found her mother.