Interactive vocabulary exercise from “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds”
aka “Love in the Moonlight” Ep. 14

Cloze test
with time limit and automatic scoring

Fill in all the gaps and then press the "Check" button at the bottom of the page to check your answers. If the time limit has expired, reload/refresh this page to start all over again, or proceed to the next exercise. (Best viewed on Firefox or Chrome)
   acknowledging      appointed      binoculars      birth      breaking      brokenhearted      coldly      conversation      darkens      delude      drag      emotion      enable      escape      field      grieves      hiding      hungry      intimate      involved      justifies      miserable      rattled      replace      replies      rid      romantic      sacrifice      selection      senses      shameful      share      simply      taxing      transactions      trap      urge      wrist   
Episode 14: “Foggy Path”

Yoon-sung helps Ra On from the Palace.

At their place, Ra On’s mother tells her that when she realized that she’d never go with her father, she asked him to marry her. Ra On that her father never had a bone in his body.

With Ra On gone, Yi Yeong’s mood even further when he learns about how the corrupt ministers are even babies and those already dead.

Under a full moon, Yi Yeong begins to remember his with Ra On about the moon. Much later, he sees the eternity bracelet on his and starts to take it off.

Young Master Jung tells Yi Yeong that Minister Kim Eui Gyo could have been in the attack. But later on, when the Prime Minister the minister’s actions, Yi Yeong begins thinking that Ra On could possibly have helped the attackers by opening the gate for them.

Yoon-sung visits Ra On at her hiding place, and they spend time together watching a full moon.

Young Master Jung visits Princess Myeongeun again.

The process for Crown Princess begins.

The Queen gives , and she switches her baby girl with the court maid’s baby boy.

The Prime Minister tells the other ministers that “Eunuch Hong” is “Hong Ra On,” the rebel leader’s daughter. When he says that he knows where Hong Ra On is hiding, the other ministers him to have her arrested immediately.

Ra On’s mother tells her about what her father was like: “A to work, rice to eat when you’re hungry, a small house to sleep in at night, those were all your father wanted.”

Yi Yeong that Yoon-sung knows where Ra On is, but Yoon-sung tells him, “You and I cannot any information with each other even if we know something anyway.”

Yi Yeong walks past Ha-yeon without looking at or her. Offended, Ha-yeon says, “I envy you. I wish I can walk past as if I did not see you. You are my heart.”

Yi Yeong replies sarcastically, “Why do you look at me that way? You said our marriage will merely be a transaction.”

Ha-yeon gets and says, “Is love the only that a man and a woman can have toward each other? We may have to make together for life.”

Yi Yeong remembers what he told Ra On about the moon: “Whether you see it from the Palace or from a farm, the moon is the moon. I may be the Crown Prince, but it does not matter whoever you are. Whenever it is and wherever we are, it’s fine as long as our hearts are the same just like that moon.”

At the lake, Ra On looks at the moon through Yoon-sung’s .

Young Master Jung proves to be a smooth talker and a fast mover when he visits Princess Myeongeun.

When the Queen gives birth, her attendant and Eunuch Sung get of the baby girl, but Yoon-sung sees everything. Later, the ministers begin planning to Yi Yeong with the baby boy as the Crown Prince.

During the selection for Crown Princess, Ha-yeon tells the King, “I will love the Crown Prince with all my heart until the end. It’s because I believe that true love is the only thing that will me to be patient and to myself for His Highness.”

Ha-yeon is selected as the Crown Princess. But when she visits Yi Yeong at the garden, he tells her, “Never visit this place ever again.” Yi Yeong then leaves, with Ha-yeon completely .

Looking at Ra On’s eternity bracelet, Yi Yeong starts to take off the bracelet on his wrist, but he stops. He remembers what he told Ra On (before she was reunited with her mother) about not giving up.

When Ra On finds out that a Crown Princess has been selected, she near her favorite lake. When Yoon-sung comes along, she tells him, “I hate myself for wanting to ask these things about the Crown Prince when you are so kind to me. So, please do not come to this place again.”

Yoon-sung replies, “It’s alright. I think about things as well. I wonder if you would open up to me after all these days are gone. You may cry; I will not hope or myself.”

When Ra On starts crying, she says, “I was trying not to cry, but my heart is aching so much.”

Later at the time and place that Eunuch Kim wrote to Ra On, she is shocked to see Yi Yeong instead. But unknown to them both, it’s a set by the Prime Minister; he wants to Yi Yeong down as Crown Prince for having relations with the rebel leader’s daughter. Soldiers begin surrounding the house.