Interactive vocabulary exercise from “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds”
aka “Love in the Moonlight” Ep. 15

Cloze test
with time limit and automatic scoring

Fill in all the gaps and then press the "Check" button at the bottom of the page to check your answers. If the time limit has expired, reload/refresh this page to start all over again, or proceed to the next exercise. (Best viewed on Firefox or Chrome)
   advice      collapsed      compliments      confession      curious      dangerous      deeds      entrusted      evil      expected      handsome      humble      identity      immediate      infamous      knot      long-range      masculinity      messes      possibility      Regardless      resent      resentful      suspicious      swayed      teases      traitor      trap      unintentionally      untangle   
Episode 15: “All The Lies That Appeared True”

Yi Yeong the meeting with Ra On to be a . And so, as the soldiers led by Minister Kim arrive, he asks Byung-yeon to lead Ra On to safety.

The Queen meets Ha-yeon in her quarters and with her mind as to Yi Yeong’s .

In their new hiding place, Ra On asks what her mother’s life was like with her father.

When the Prime Minister the Queen on her baby, Yoon-sung asks her, “Are you happy?”

Later on, the Prime Minister finds out that Yoon-sung is in love, of all people, with Hong Ra On, the rebel leader’s daughter.

The Baekwoon group leaders and Byung-yeon meet to discuss the of someone in the group having become a . The suspicion begins to fall on Byung-yeon.

Eunuch Han (the King’s eunuch) visits Ra On in her new hiding place.

Yi Yeong asks Byung-yeon to set up a meeting between him and Ra On. Meanwhile, someone visits Ra On’s mother at the hiding place.

The royal wedding has been set. The Palace is prepared, and the ministers start arriving. But as Yi Yeong leaves his quarters, Eunuch Jang tells him that the King has .

At the meeting place, Yi Yeong tells Ra On: “I will listen to you. No matter what lie you tell, I will believe it.” Later with soldiers almost upon them, Ra On tells Yi Yeong: “Don’t be about where I am. of what news you hear about me, please don’t be . That’s what I will do as well.”

Ra On’s mother tells her about what she expected of her father: “Rather than someone who does great , I needed a family with whom I could eat, sleep, laugh, and cry together. How could I not hate him?” Ra On her: “You miss him and long for him.”

Yoon-sung has taken the Queen’s real baby and it to a gisaeng.

Later, by comparing the wanted poster and Yoon-sung’s drawings, the Prime Minister realizes that Yoon-sung is in love with Ra On. When he reminds Yoon-sung that he has made plans for their family and for him in particular, Yoon-sung replies, “Even if it’s poorly-planned and , I will draw my own future by myself.”

The traitor turns out to be Byung-yeon’s superior. But before he could make a public , he’s found dead in his jail cell. Yi Yeong becomes of the two ministers whom he sees in the prison.

When Byung-yeon tells Yi Yeong that Ra On has to move away from the capital for her safety, Yi Yeong asks him to set up a final meeting with Ra On.

Ra On remembers Eunuch Han’s about making a clean break with Yi Yeong: “While untangling your thread, when you face a that is impossible to , you must cut it off, without holding back. Do what’s best for the Crown Prince.”

And so, when Ra On meets Yi Yeong, she pulls out a knife and says: “Right this moment that I am with you is the most moment for me. Only one word from you could get me arrested. Many things have changed when you did not know my . I heard that the King is suffering from his mind’s illness, which he got because of my father 10 years ago. You must my father as well. I feel also. Who accused my father of being an rebel and killed him?”

When Yi Yeong tries to take the knife away from Ra On, he cuts the eternity bracelet on his wrist. He then says, “I know what you mean. I won’t ask you to meet again.”

At the royal wedding, Yi Yeong is about to leave his quarters, but Eunuch Jang rushes to tell him that the King has collapsed.

Ra On’s father — the rebel leader Hong Gyae Nae — is alive and has been arrested.