Interactive vocabulary exercise from “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds”
aka “Love in the Moonlight” Ep. 16

Cloze test
with time limit and automatic scoring

Fill in all the gaps and then press the "Check" button at the bottom of the page to check your answers. If the time limit has expired, reload/refresh this page to start all over again, or proceed to the next exercise. (Best viewed on Firefox or Chrome)
   begs      bloodshed      cancelled      capture      collapses      Disguised      disguised      embroidered      guilt      horrible      interrogate      intimate      locked down      poster      precious      puppet      rebel      recognized      reflecting      reluctantly      rescue      reveal      selfish      shock      slightly      threatening   
Episode 16: “The World You Dream Of”

The wedding is as the King upon finding out the the rebel leader Hong Gyae Nae is alive and has been arrested.

Everyone is in that Hong Gyae Nae is alive — Ra On and her mother, Eunuch Han, and the people in the capital.

The Prime Minister urges the King to Hong Gyae Nae himself and later to have him executed. On the other hand, Eunuch Han tells Byung-yeon that they must Hong Gyae Nae at all costs.

Ha-yeon sees Ra On’s wanted and begins wondering about the mysterious woman whom Yi Yeong loves.

When Eunuch Han visits Ra On and her mother at a new hiding place, Ra On him to find a way for her to see and talk to her father. When Ra On says, “The whole nation knows about my father, except me,” Eunuch Han agrees.

But at the Palace, Ra On is first by Minister Kim Eui Gyo and later by Eunuch Sung (the Queen’s eunuch). The Prime Minister orders that the whole Palace must be , and soldiers then begin searching for Ra On.

Ha-yeon sees that the eternity bracelet is no longer on Yi Yeong’s wrist, and on past events, she realizes that Ra On is the mysterious woman whom Yi Yeong loves.

as a soldier, Ra On meets Byung-yeon inside the Palace. Ra On realizes that he’s a part of the group. At the jail, Ra On sees but is unable to speak with her father. She drops a handkerchief with a white egret on it. As she and Byung-yeon walk away from the jail, she is recognized by Minister Kim Eui Gyo.

At the jail, Yi Yeong tells Hong Gyae Nae, “I’ve lost something very because of you. When he asks Hong Gyae Nae why he wants to kill the King, Hong Gyae Nae replies, “A leader is placed for the people’s sake. It’s not for one man alone to sit high above everyone else and fulfill his desires. A leader for the people must be chosen by the people.”

After finding Ra On and Byung-yeon at Jahyeondang, Yi Yeong finds a way for Ra On to meet her father. Her father tells her, “I wanted to change the world into something that’s better for you to live in.” Ra On replies, “Even if you couldn’t change the world, you could have been a there for me, as a father.”

As Ra On and Yi Yeong walk back towards Jahyeondang, Eunuch Sung sees them and reports it to the Queen. But Yoon-sung threatens the Queen that if she says anything about Ra On, he will the truth about her real baby.

Before Hong Gyae Nae is interrogated, Yi Yeong visits him again and asks, “If a leader is chosen by the people, won’t he become the people’s ?” Hong Gyae Nae replies, “A King chosen by the people is different. He will consider himself equal to the people as a human being.” Yi Yeong replies, “The world I dream of isn’t different from the world you dream of. Let’s find a way without how we can walk together toward the world we dream of.”

While Hong Gyae Nae is being interrogated, the Prime Minister’s men Ra On. She is brought before everyone, and the Prime Minister accuses Yi Yeong of being with the rebel leader’s daughter. He then dares Yi Yeong to disprove the accusation by killing Ra On.

In her mind, Ra On tells Yi Yeong, “From this moment on, please stop loving me. Please remember me as the rebel leader’s daughter.” And remembering Yi Yeong’s mother, Ra On also says, “I don’t want to leave you with the pain of guilt that you couldn’t protect the woman you love.”

When a soldier raises his sword to kill Ra On, Yi Yeong draws Byung-yeon’s sword. The rebels, as soldiers and jail guards and placed there by Eunuch Han, move quickly to save Ra On and Hong Gyae Nae. And Byung-yeon finally reveals himself to be one of the rebels by to kill Yi Yeong.