Interactive vocabulary exercise from “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds”
aka “Love in the Moonlight” Ep. 17

Cloze test
with time limit and automatic scoring

Fill in all the gaps and then press the "Check" button at the bottom of the page to check your answers. If the time limit has expired, reload/refresh this page to start all over again, or proceed to the next exercise. (Best viewed on Firefox or Chrome)
   break      collapses      consoles      controlling      cradles      critically      delight      destinies      discover      escape      expose      gambling      interrogation      intervenes      methodically      nation      pressure      pretends      princes      recovering      senses      switching      tempered      understanding   
Episode 17: “An Ending For A Beginning”

With Byung-yeon threatening to kill Yi Yeong, Ra On and her father are able to from the place. But Byung-yeon is shot with arrows and slashed with a sword.

As Byung-yeon lies wounded, Yi Yeong him and tells him that he’s still the only person in the world whom he trusts. Byung-yeon flashes back to lantern festival and remembers the wish for Yi Yeong that he wrote on his wish lantern — “May we be nothing but friends in our final moment.”

Ra On, her father, and the rebels are blocked at the Palace gate, but Eunuch Han with the guards.

One month later …

Yi Yeong spends his time going to gisaeng houses and dens. The ministers and scholars continue to the King to dethrone Yi Yeong as the Crown Prince. But Minister Jo and Crown Princess Ha-yeon continue to support him.

The Prime Minister tells the Queen that her son will soon become the next Crown Prince. The Queen’s , however, is when she remembers Yoon-sung’s warning.

The Prime Minister Yi Yeong that being dethroned isn’t that bad; he can have a long and happy life like other dethroned before him. But Yi Yeong says that he can’t leave as Crown Prince yet when the Prime Minister is still the court.

Eunuch Han dies as he helps Ra On and her father escape from the Palace.

Yoon-sung and Eunuch Jang that Byung-yeon is still alive.

Yi Yeong to be wasting his time as he goes to gisaeng houses and gambling dens. But he’s actually visiting the but still unconscious Byung-yeon. He’s also consulting Teacher Dasan on how to the power of the Prime Minister and the Kim family.

When Yoon-sung tells the Queen to confess what she has done in the babies, the Prime Minister overhears their conversation.

At the assembly, Yi Yeong exposes how the two ministers from the Kim family masterminded the attack against him at the East Palace. The two ministers are arrested, while the Prime Minister does and says nothing.

Yi Yeong brings the Queen’s real baby into the Palace, and the Queen sees Ha-yeon taking care of the baby.

The Prime Minister tells the Queen that her son will no longer be the next Crown Prince. But the Queen threatens that she will what the Prime Minister has done — pretending that she is his daughter when she actually grew up in a gisaeng house not knowing who her real parents are.

The Prime Minister begins thinking again of making Yoon-sung as Joseon’s next King. But Yoon-sung and Yi Yeong have already come to an about their lives and .

Yi Yeong tells Byung-yeong about the new that he will create and that he will bring Ra On back to him again. Unknown to Yi Yeong, Ra On hears everything that he’s saying.

Ha-yeon brings to Yi Yeong the medicine that the Royal Physicians have prepared. When she that something is wrong with the medicine, she tries to stop Yi Yeong from taking the medicine, but she’s too late. Yi Yeong .